self harm

Movies about Self-Harm

Trying to understand why people self-harm can be difficult. It’s still a taboo topic so not many people understand this behaviour or even know about it. You might have heard about someone in the classroom, work, or your neighbourhood, who self-harms or has struggled with this in the past. Or you might be the one …

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What You Shouldn’t Say if You See Self-Harm Scars

It goes without saying that seeing someone with self-harm scars can be shocking. Especially if it is someone who you know reasonably well but perhaps did not realize that they had once self-harmed. The thing to remember about someone who has self-harm scars is that whilst they may finally feel comfortable allowing other people to …

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How to Hide Scars on Arms

It’s not always easy to cope in life. No matter the circumstances of your upbringing, your genetics, or your environment, anyone could be struggling. If you have survived the hardest challenges and overcame your difficulties, you might be left with scars on your arms. Those physical ones that you might be embarrassed about. Or you …

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