Living With Scars was created as an online space where I share a very personal story of coming to terms with scars and overcoming fear. Here I talk openly about what living with scars feels like, managing your scars, and breaking the taboo. Why should anyone be ashamed of their scars? Scars prove that we won, we overcame, and we did not surrender.

My book Living With Scars provides practical guidance on what you can do to enjoy your life despite having very visible scars. It follows a journey of coming to terms with scars and then going through surgery which, despite being really tough and stirring up many memories, ends up changing everything for the better.

Two years after my life-changing surgery my scars look more manageable. There are many different options for managing scars to improve the lives of many people dealing with any kind of scars. You need to know you are not alone.

Life gets hard sometimes and everybody carries a story that made them who they are today. You must remember that you are unique and you matter – always.

With all my love,


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