Temporary Tattoo to Cover Your Scars on Special Occasions

I can’t believe I’m writing this but I’ve just had the most relaxed summer in a long time. I was able to camouflage my self-harm scars with some gorgeous temporary tattoo stickers. The whole experience felt amazing – I could walk around freely without having to worry about any unwanted attention that my scars would usually attract.

You know the feeling. Sometimes you simply want to go out and have a good time and not think about anything else. Let alone your scars. Most people don’t have much to worry about when going out and having fun, but there are others who carry very visible scars on their bodies. And sadly, our society still stigmatises scars. So what can be done about scars when going out to a party, event, celebration or to the beach?

Temporary Tattoo Stickers

Tattoos have been around for centuries, but it’s a big decision to get a permanent tattoo. They are becoming very popular and it can be an easy solution for those who like this idea. But if you’re not absolutely certain or ready to get a permanent tattoo there are other options! Using temporary tattoo stickers is an easy solution and an opportunity to test how you feel wearing a tattoo.

You can use a temporary tattoo sticker to cover up your self-harm scars in a quick and simple way. The sticker can act as a statement or simply a beautiful piece of body art and can complement your style in a unique way.

Tattoo stickers come in different sizes, shapes and colours so you can really experiment with the designs. Good quality temporary tattoo stickers will last for up to a week if you don’t scrub them with soap too much.

It’s very easy to apply the tattoo stickers, all you need is a sponge and some warm water. For best results, you will have to shave the area before applying the tattoo sticker. This will make the tattoo look smooth and it will last longer.

You can apply the tattoo sticker anywhere on your body as they come in different shapes and sizes. Feel free to also cut the design into two smaller designs if you prefer it that way.

tattoo sticker
Temporary tattoo stickers
tattoo sticker to cover up a scar
A temporary tattoo sticker to cover the scar

Tattoo Sleeves from Fabric

Another option is to wear a tattoo sleeve. Tattoo sleeves are made out of fabric and they are a great solution to cover up your self-harm scars. It’s usually meant to be worn on your arms but I guess it could also fit on your legs if the material is stretchy enough.

Tattoo sleeves come in many sizes, colours, and designs so make sure you find the ones that you will happily wear. It is best to choose the fabric that closely matches your natural skin tone so that the tattoo sleeve looks more natural.

These are great for trying out different styles as you can always return the ones that do not closely match your skin tone.

Getting a temporary tattoo sticker or a fabric sleeve can be a perfect solution for that trip to the beach or an evening of salsa dancing you were hoping to go to. It can also be great for going to a swimming pool or spa, or spending a day with friends having a barbecue in the hot summer.

Enjoy your newfound freedom!

The Story of My Scars

Even though I am not yet finished with the process of camouflaging my scars I already feel much more hopeful and relaxed. After undergoing a skin graft surgery I don’t worry so much about my appearance as before. Two years after the surgery the results are amazing and my scars look completely different now.

The freedom of not having to deal with judgments and assumptions that society places on scars on a daily basis will soon be here. And knowing that makes it so much easier to breathe.

I am incredibly happy to have found this particular surgeon and his specific technique called Thin Skin Grafting. If you would like to read more about how it feels living with scars and the step-by-step process of how I went through this breakthrough surgery, you can purchase my ebook here.

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