How a Skin Graft Surgery Changed the Appearance of my Scars

I’ve already written about how scars have a big impact on my life. I’m not alone – many people struggle with the appearance of their scars. Not only do scars affect our physical appearance, but they can also be reminders of difficult times.

Finding a Solution For My Scars

Despite accepting what happened to me and trying to move past it, I struggled with the way my scars looked. They were covering a large area of my body and I felt very self-conscious. Figuring out what I can do about my scars helped me put together a plan. By using different ways to cover up my scars my life has become easier. However, I still wanted to find a more permanent and effective solution.

Dermabrasion and Thin Skin Grafting

My search led me to a surgeon who specializes in this field. He developed and patented a new technique to camouflage scars. This new technique is called dermabrasion & thin skin grafting and combines dermabrasion and skin grafting using a very thin skin patch. The skin for the skin graft is usually harvested from your thighs. This means that there will also be a scar left on the donor area.

This breakthrough procedure minimizes the recovery period and gives great results in camouflaging the scars. There are patients from all over the world who have gone through this procedure with good outcomes.

To show you the progress of my skin graft here are the photos of my scars! These show my scars before surgery, one month after, and 15 months post-surgery. You can see that the skin graft has healed nicely, but I will have to wait for two years to see the final results.

skin graft before and after

My Book Living with Scars

I am incredibly happy to have found this surgeon and this specific technique. If you would like to read more about how it feels living with scars and the step-by-step process of how I went through this breakthrough surgery, you can purchase my ebook here.

living with scars book

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