Burn Survivor Shares Her Story – Burn Scars from Childhood

The toll scars take on your life can be incredibly heavy. Because there is usually hardly any professional help provided to people dealing with the aftermath of a traumatic event- physical scars, it can get really hard to go on. Some people are not able to survive the pressure and the burden the scars have on them.

Sylvia MacGregor from Love Disfigure talks about her experiences growing up with significant scars all over her body. How the years of bullying and inner discontent made her life unbearable, to the point when she nearly gave up.

Listen to her inspirational story of how Sylvia turned her life around and used her knowledge and skills and found a calling in helping others overcome. Sylvia is a true warrior – she shows you that you can embrace your scars and thrive.

Thank you Sylvia for everything that you do <3


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